May 25, 2018

Dear Herman Healthcare Center,
My aunt, Natalie G., has been a resident at your facility for many years, I believe since 2002. I want to thank and recognize your staff for their care for her. It feel as much as a home as can be possible. The garden is lovely and wonderful to sit and visit in.

All your staff have been loving, patient with and caring towards Natalie. She can be very difficult – like vinegar. Debbie, Mila and Maura are names that I recall. At my last visit, Mila and Maura dressed and transferred and combed and braided Natalie’s hair, with such care. They were so efficient with the lift. I appreciate all of your work.

Thank you,

Rose S.

“I just completed my therapy and conditioning at the Herman Health Center. 3 months, and I have how well I was treated. I looked forward to going Home, but I also didn’t want to leave “My Angels” behind. The care I was given is beyond compare. 24 hrs. of Wellness, Nurturing, Therapy and just right Love & Compassion. I want to Thank all my Nurses, CNA’s, P.T.’s, Dr., Housekeeping & Maintenance for making my stay there very pleasurable. We will meet again under better conditions.”

~ Bob

We moved my grandmother here about 3 years ago and this place has been a miracle for our family. My grandmother was in poor health and unable to properly take care of herself. Her life was in danger and she could no longer live alone. When we first moved her to Herman Health Care Center we were worried if it would be a good fit for her. There are many complex elements ranging from staff, environment, location, other patients, etc. After trying many different places, my grandma can finally call this one home. They staff does an AMAZING job taking care of her. They make sure she is happy, always taker her medication, is fed good food, and most importantly is in a loving community. They have a massive event calendar packed with all kinds of things from Bingo to holiday parties. The place is in top condition, it’s very clean. The location is convenient and the atmosphere is very nice. They have lots of trees and green and plenty of space to walk around. My grandma likes it here very much and this is a first as she has probably been to a dozen different places. I highly recommend Herman Health Care Center if you are in the uncomfortable situation where someone dear to you is no longer able to take care of themselves.
Thank you to all the staff!

~ Alex

I just want to compliment the ‘Angles” who are giving me the most excellent care at this facility. I’ve been here going on my second week and can’t thank these people enough. I’m treated kinder than family and the feeling is sincere. I consider myself Lucky/Blessed.
Thank you so much for your professional and gentle kindness,

~ Bob


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