A Skilled Nursing Program for Medicare Patients

Herman Health Care Center is a nursing facility offering skilled nursing services for CVA, orthopedic surgery recovery, wound care, and IV. Our property is nestled in a beautiful and peaceful setting in the Willow Glen area. Our staff help make your stay enjoyable with their loving and caring attitude.

In addition to a beautiful setting and very skilled staff, Herman Health Care offers a broad spectrum of health programs from skilled nursing to physical rehabilitation, including occupational and speech therapy. These services enable our patients to receive the medical care they need, the restorative therapy they require, and the support our patients and families deserve.

We serve many types of patients – from short-term rehabilitation to traditional long-term care. You will enjoy all of our social programs and our attention to family needs to ensure a holistic approach to our residents’ needs.

Around-the-clock Skilled Nursing Staff

Herman Health Care’s Skilled Nursing facility offers around-the-clock skilled nursing staff. We combine this with restorative therapy programs, attentive personal care, and a carefully chosen staff for whom loving and caring comes naturally from the heart.

If you are looking for a Medicare certified skilled nursing facility providing long-term care and rehabilitation services, you will find Herman Health Care Center to be best-of-class. We are well respected in the San Jose area for our quality of life services, wound care, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and social programs. We have comprehensive programs in all disciplines including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

At Herman Health Care Center, we are your family serving your family in a loving, caring, and attentive environment. Our Medicare approved skilled nursing facility works hard at making a difference in our residents’ lives. Find Herman Health Care Center.